I drew a heart Manniquin *variant cover

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Guy Michel

Regarding your vector recreations of your photos: Wow; brilliant. Thank you for showing these. I love art, have all my life; grew up with it, love being surprised by it. But most vector art is just craft, precise recycling; nothing really new or different (even though I myself try; I’m a mostly ex-sketcher, a graphic designer who loves creating surprising fonts), and always obviously limited by the computer’s limits. You’re using those limits (frustratingly constraining Illustrator &c), not being hampered by them! OH yeah. And so encouraging to do this! This may be the first time since Illustrator came out in black-&-white “back in the day” that I’ve ever seen vectors used for actual innovative one-of-a-kind art, not just pretty much craft. Really inspiring to see—thank you! (I especially like the Thanksgiving-overwhelmed by-cellphones one, but all your pre-gouache vectored photos are great.) Keep up the good work!

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